COVID-19 - Total Therapy Florida


COVID-19 Update - Total Therapy Florida

Total Therapy Florida is aggressively changing common Physical Therapy practices to ensure the health of all our patients and staff. While we have always adhered to and exceeded industry standards for cleanliness and safety, during these times we are elevating our precautions.

We have temporarily instituted some of the following procedures, in addition to the standard CDC recommended policies, in the name of safety:

We have asked all patients and staff to stay home if they feel ill, even slightly
All patients and staff are required to hand wash/sanitize upon entering the facility
Patients are subject to additional screening questions and may be asked to take their temperature
Effective 3/18/2020, only patients will be allowed in the waiting and commons area, all family and caregivers will be asked to wait outside or in their car
All equipment and supplies will be wiped down before and after patients use them
Every 30 minutes, a designated employee will wipe down all common area surfaces, including door handles, counters, and waiting furniture
We ask patients and staff to avoid hand shaking, or other unnecessary physical contact
We have discontinued Theraband use, do to difficulty cleaning crevices and knots
We have discontinued hot and cold pack use to avoid cross contamination (patient can apply at home)
All magazines and marketing material has been removed from commons area
Pens will be single use only, patients will take them home after using
Spacing between treatment tables has been increased to at least 6 feet

I’m feeling fine. What should I do?

Total Therapy Florida is open and operational for our healthy patients. If you are not feeling well or have been traveling to endemic areas in the past 14 days, we will ask you to stay home.

I’m only feeling a little sick. What should I do?

While it may be tempting to come in for your treatment if you “just have a cough,” we do ask that you reschedule your appointment if you are feeling sick. In the meantime (and if your strength allows), continue with your prescribed home exercise program, and reach out to your therapist via phone or in-app messaging if you have any questions.

We take the safety of our patients and staff very seriously and must take these steps to ensure we can continue to provide the highest level of care for our patients during this challenging time.

Thank you for understanding and complying with these new procedures.

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