Balance Training And Fall Prevention

Falls are one of the greatest dangers seniors face today.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 35 percent of all Americans 65 and older fall each year. Falls are also expensive: In 2015, the total medical costs involving falls exceeded $50 billion, and is expected to rise upwards of $100 billion by 2022.

The key is to focus on fall PREVENTION and improve balance and stability before the fall ever happens. Total Therapy Florida is “all-in” when it comes to fall prevention. We are outfitted with a Solo-Step track and harness system in each one of our clinics. This is a key part of balance and fall prevention as it allows the patient to go beyond the limitations of the traditional balance program, all while being safe and protected.

Individualized program to improve strength, balance, and stability in order to decrease the risk of falling and improving your ability to safely recover from a fall.


The CDC endorses a simple questionnaire to help people identify if they are at a risk of falling and should contact a physical therapist. If you take the following survey and score 4 or more points, then you are at a risk of having a fall!

(2 points) Have you fallen in the past year? (Y/N)
(2 points) Do you use a cane or walker for getting around? (Y/N)
(1 point) Do you ever feel unsteady when walking?
(1 point) Do you hold on to walls or furniture when walking at home? (Y/N)
(1 point) Are you worried about falling? (Y/N)
(1 point) Do you need to use your hands when standing up from a chair? (Y/N)
(1 point) Do you have trouble stepping up on a curb? (Y/N)
(1 point) Do you ever need to rush to the bathroom? (Y/N)
(1 point) Have you lost any feeling in your feet? (Y/N)
(1 point) Are you taking more than 3 total medications? (Y/N)

By performing a comprehensive evaluation, we will identify exactly what impairments are placing you at risk. We can use neuromuscular retraining methods to improve neuroplasticity, educate you on the proper recovery strategies that can save you from a fall, improve your strength and stability to keep you from losing your balance in the first place, and improve your vestibular function so that you do not get dizzy. These are just some of the things that we can do to help our patients avoid suffering a disastrous fall.

We have everything you will need! We even have a Solo-Step overhead track and harness system in every location that provides the safety and confidence necessary for a patient to overcome their fear of falling and balance deficits. This really is a game changer!


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