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Mobile Physical Therapy Services

  • Spine Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic/Sports Physical Therapy
  • Balance Training & Fall Prevention
  • Medical Based Wellness
  • Joint Replacement Physical Therapy
  • Sport-Specific Physical Therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Therapy

What is Total Therapy Florida Mobile Therapy?

Mobile therapy is therapy where one of our expertly trained outpatient physical therapists comes to you and provides services in the comfort of your home.

Is this the same as Home Health?

No. Mobile therapy is different from Home Health. Mobile therapy is billed differently and allows more flexibility in who can receive care, unlike the limited qualifying factors of traditional home health. With Mobile therapy we are able to provide the best plan for your needs, no matter your current level of function.

How does post-operative Mobile Therapy work?

We will work with your physician to customize the processes that work best for YOU. A typical patient experience will include:

  • One of our highly trained orthopedic physical therapists will come to your home for 1-2 “prehab” visits, prior to your surgery. This will include a home safety evaluation, review of post-operative expectations, home exercise program, and undivided attention to answer all of the questions that you and your family may have leading up to surgery.

  • Between 1-4 weeks of mobile therapy in your home postoperatively customized to your needs

  • Transition to one of our conveniently located outpatient clinics, where the therapist will already know everything they need regarding your care. They will have had communication with your mobile therapist as to where you stand with your progress and areas that still need work.

How does this benefit me?

The following are just a few reasons:

  • Fear alleviation – Surgery is scary and we can help ease your mind with our preoperative visits to help ensure confidence in your plan.

  • No gap in treatment – You will not have the typical 1-2 week gap in services from home health therapy to outpatient that is often seen in switching companies.

  • Continuity of care – From prehab to your last day of outpatient therapy, you will be under the same plan of care with the same company, allowing every therapist to have records of your care and progress.

  • Quality – With mobile therapy, we take an outpatient approach to in-home care. This typically includes more time spent with the patient, increased equipment access, and increased ability to advance the patient as needed.

What types of patients will benefit from Total Therapy Mobile services?

There are endless examples of a patient who would benefit. However, some examples include:

  • Post-operative patients who do not require nursing.

  • Patients who may qualify for outpatient services but do not have reliable transportation. In fact, we can even offer hybrid services where the patient can mix mobile and in-clinic PT based on their transportation availability.

  • Patients who prefer to have PT services in the safety of their home.

  • Patients who do not qualify for home health services (Medicare A) even though they may still have constraints that make it difficult for them to leave their home.


Alex Wann, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Director of Mobile Therapy

Brittany Detert, PT, DPT

Mobile Physical Therapist

Jennifer Olson, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant


I am thrilled with Total Therapy. The staff I have met are so kind and helpful. Not only am I learning better practices to reduce the likelihood of reinjury but also learning so much more about how the body works. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Choosing to locate an office in Englewood has been wonderful for me, Thanks.
Alicia Pritchard ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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