Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

The evidence-based approach to improving range of motion, strength, and function after having joint replacement surgery. Our goal is to get you back to the active lifestyle you are accustomed to as soon as possible.

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

Our team of Doctors of Physical Therapy and healthcare professionals work in close communication with your surgeon to tailor a customized plan of care that works for you!

By focusing on eliminating your pain quickly and restoring your function, we are able to quickly get you back to the active lifestyle that you live in Florida to enjoy.

Total Therapy FL


I have been told that my knee (or hip) is “bone-on-bone”. I have been recommended a joint replacement. What should I do?

Joint replacements are becoming very common. New technology and more experienced surgeons have helped increase the success rates and decrease the risks of these surgeries. However, they are still a major procedure. Many times, we have found that doing a few sessions of physical therapy prior to surgery can help stretch and strengthen some of the muscles that may be very tight or weak. Due to pain and swelling, it is very difficult to stretch the muscles during the first month of rehab following a joint replacement. Our physical therapists can also educate the patient on the best exercises post-operatively to reduce the risks of blood clots and help improve their outcome. This will help you be ahead of the curve when you start your physical therapy after surgery.

I have had physical therapy in the past and it didn’t help. What is different about Total Therapy Florida?

We hear this all the time! We also have patients tell us everyday that we are different from other physical therapy clinics they have been in the past because of our team approach comprised of a team of physical therapists who dig deep to the root of the cause of the patient’s pain and dysfunction. Our goal is to solve your problem for good, not offer a “band-aid” treatment plan. Unfortunately, there are many physical therapists out there who still use a modality-heavy approach (heat, ice, electrical stim/TENS) which has been proven time and time again to only work short-term.